"More than any other Discipline,” wrote Richard Foster, “fasting reveals the things that control us." When we practice the Spiritual Discipline of fasting, we come face-to-face with our bondage. Historically, fasting has been the voluntary denial of our everyday desire for food and drink.Fasting renovates our habit of consuming by releasing the grip of gluttony and strengthening the virtue of temperance. The result of this spiritual transformation is a soul in ever increasing unity with God's kind of love. John Cassian one of the early Fathers of Monasticsm wrote, "We must constantly maintain a moderate and regular fast...for with a change in our eating habits there is inevitably a change in the nature of our purity." Over the long haul, fasting expands our hunger for God, and shrinks our hunger for indulging all kinds of excessive and disordered desires. In the early years of our apprenticeship to Jesus, fasting is one of the foundational Spiritual Disciplines. We must learn to weave it in and out of our lives if we’re going to advance ever deeper into God’s kind of love.