The goal of the Christian life is to become like Christ, to take the character of Jesus into our body and soul. This character, fused with divine love brings about the most glorious result – to love as God loves. Followers of Christ from every century have given voice to this goal. If you listen carefully you can hear the conversation. As Richard Foster has called it, the great conversation of the growth of the soul in Christlikeness. When you survey the historical landscape, it's rich with literature and language describing this goal. Many names and labels have been used over the centuries to describe it: Perfection, Theosis, Union, Salvation, Saintliness, Holiness, etc. The names aren't that important, it’s the reality they represent that matters. The conversation of the growth of the soul in Christlikeness is teeming with hope. People from every time period and place, have tapped into this hope and after eavesdropping on their conversation for years, I’m left with the startling conclusion that we live in a world of becoming – becoming like Christ.