The Great Concealment

On Christmas, God's eternal life slipped into our world practically unnoticed and set in motion the great concealment of the ages. For three decades, God grew - unhurried and unnoticed. Patiently waiting to unveil His life to the world. Has the humility of His hiddenness registered? Has it tunneled through all our cranial cement and lodged itself right in the center of our hearts? Can we picture it? Can we even imagine it? It’s like Tolkien becoming the hobbit or Lewis becoming the lion. The author writes himself into the story. No, it’s more than that.  The Creator becomes the creation. Have we let these thoughts move us? Have we let them knock us to the ground? Are we paying attention? If the Christ-life took decades to develop in our God, then perhaps we can rest as easy as He did. Perhaps we can live unhurried lives. Perhaps we can live content with our unnoticed-ness, our hiddenness, growing in grace, growing in God.