The vice of envy is the perversion of our deep desire for worth and honor. The enemy exploits this longing, twisting it ever so slightly, convincing us that the worth and honor we seek must be at the expense of others. Because this perversion is so subtle it makes it hard to recognize when it's happening, setting a trap for envy. For instance, when we hear of a friend receiving a promotion, the enemy whispers into our ear: "What does his promotion say about you?" "Are you being left behind?" "You're the one who's worthy of a promotion." Silently we stew on these subtle and distorted thoughts. They move us so deeply because we have this cavernous desire for worth and honor and when we're offered a counterfeit way of either attaining it or protecting it (in this case) we reach for it. When we do, we add a link onto a living chain called envy. We forge it one choice at a time. The more we choose to act on envy, the more envious we become and the less likely we'll ever experience the true fulfillment of our God given desire for worth and honor.