Hidden In History

Over ninety percent of Jesus’ life is hidden in history. How did He spend those veiled days? What was He doing for the first thirty years of His life? He was growing - divinity was developing. Jesus was learning everything He would later teach and demonstrate to the world around Him. His thirty year silence speaks, can you hear what it says? By submitting to a life submerged in the world of family and vocation, He consecrated the ordinary, made sacred the simple, and declared holy the common. He identified with all of the simplicities and complexities of everyday life. And more than any other human being, His eternal life began to bear fruit - right in the midst of it all. His hidden life was the mustard seed. His ministry, the mature tree. Jesus always sets the pattern and calls us to follow. The pattern is not a highly exalted life but an ordinary life, full of God. The Christmas invitation is to lean into an ordinary eternal life, the one that develops right in the middle of wrangling kids and working nine-to-five. What we do is pretty simple, we take those everyday moments of our life and press into His. Growing in grace. Growing with Jesus. Right here. Right now.