For much of my life I've been trying to get in on the how of things. I need to know how something works. It doesn't matter if it's playing the piano, painting clouds on a canvas, or understanding historical movements. I want to know how. How does it happen, how does it work, and most importantly, how do I get in on it? Never has this been more true than when I open The New Testament and pour over the words, Take up your cross, Sow to the Spirit, or Follow me. I'm never content to enjoy these verses as pretty words. I must know how they work. How do I take up my cross? How do I sow to the Spirit? How do I follow Jesus? That's what my life is about, getting in on the how of the Scriptures. What I've found in my journey has been utterly reliable and overwhelmingly satisfying, a way that draws me into the story of God. For years I was a spectator, admiring the salvation story. What I've discovered is the story never ended. I am caught up in the drama of God's unfolding plan for human history.

Jonathan R. BaileyJourney