On March 21, 2016, while everyone was sleeping in our house, I’m almost certain God woke me with a thought. It was so adamant that I had to get out of bed and begin writing. My wife had recently heard from the Lord that adoption was in our future. I wasn’t sure. I had been concerned with navigating all the pain and loss this little girl would feel throughout her life. This was both His confirming word to me and a comforting word to my soon to be adopted daughter, Liv. What follows is a letter to Liv, it's my best attempt to write what I heard in those early morning hours:


Dear Liv, 

Any artist will tell you that imagination precedes image. You were made in the image of God. And before time, you were burning in His imagination. That's your primal home, that's where you begin. Ablaze in God's imagination, shining in His mind, smoldering in His heart, that's your womb. To be there, is to be forever. God carried you — burning a hole in His pocket. Then comes formation. He creates out of nothing, but not from nothing, for you were burning in His imagination. You're not just a clever combination of DNA, you're His idea whose time has come. No wound of earth can snuff that out: no abandonment, no loss, no tragedy, not even death can smother it. That is your origin, not birth, not conception — imagination.