Gluttony is what our desire for food and drink looks like disordered. G.K. Chesterton privately joked that, “One pint is enough, two pints is one too many, three pints isn’t half enough.” Gluttony is the sinful pattern of using food or drink to fill some vacancy in our soul. It’s an old story, using physical goods to fill a spiritual need. It is one of the most acceptable patterns of sin today. “Gluttony is really not about how much we’re eating,” writes Rebecca DeYoung, “but about how our eating reflects how much pleasure we take in eating food.”1 Gluttony is an enemy of love because it exploits our body instead of stewarding it. When we're gluttonous, we don't seek it's good, we seek excessive pleasure at the expense of what's good.

Jonathan R. BaileyGluttony