Great Souls

When our desire for recognition and approval is ordered rightly, it is transformed away from the vice of vainglory towards the virtue of magnanimity. Magnanimity is derived from the Latin words magna and anima, which literally means "greatness of heart" or "being great-souled." Great souls attract, they're magnetic. They draw people to themselves and then steer people towards God. Magnanimous people are accepted and fully known by God. They receive recognition and approval from others because their genuine goodness is on display—glory. The shocking truth of the New Testament is that God wants to glorify us, St. Paul tells us we're transformed from glory to glory. The ironic thing about magnanimous people is that their lives are worthy of recognition but they don’t seek it, that’s one of the least things they're interested in. What they're interested in is becoming more like Christ and helping others do the same.