Waking Up

Over a lifetime we’re given opportunities to relinquish the life we’re living, moments that are especially poignant and pregnant with light. While grace is always working to wake us up, there are those times when the wind of the Spirit blows into our hearts and we’re confronted with a decision to surrender. How we respond affects the trajectory of our life. This is how our pilgrimage to God begins, with an  awakening, this waking-up is what I want to spend a little time with. We call this spiritual entrance point or doorway many names: new-birth, regeneration, repentance, conversion, being born-again, giving-our-life-to-Christ, becoming a Christian, etc. Many struggle with it: ‘Did it really happen?’ ‘Am I really a Christian?’ ‘Do I really believe?’ I hope to put you at ease, because, while awakening moments are precious, they’re not conclusive. They simply set the direction or trajectory of our life. Some of us shift slightly, and for others the calibration is more dramatic and noticeable. What’s vital is not the size of the recalibration, but that one has been made. We’ve stepped through a doorway, and as we cross that threshold, we emerge from our smaller, limited world of existence into a larger, unlimited world of becoming. A whole new kind of life opens up before us, a life far greater than we ever thought possible.