Cultivation to Consummation

Have we awakened to the Creator’s unyielding love, surrendered with a kind of desperate joy, given our lives over to it? “The wind of God is always blowing” penned Francois Fenelon, “...but you must hoist your sail.” We’re given surrender moments over the long road of our lives, moments when we’re suspended by a scarlet sunset, arrested by the trust in a child’s eyes, or pierced by words seemingly written for us alone. When we feel the Wind, we must unfurl the sail of our soul and catch it. We must say yes, with the words of our lips and the actions of our body. We must move. What we sense in these windy moments is God’s love waking us up. How exactly He reaches us is a mystery, the wind blows where it wills, for some of us we stumble into it, many scratch and claw for it, and for others it seems as if God reaches out of His heavens and grabs them. However the wind of the Spirit reaches us, it’s best not to try and define it or reduce it. There are no formulas for awakening. How it happens is as unique and varied as the person experiencing it. What’s important is not how did it happen but why? And not just whybut what do I do now? For we must recognize that a new life has been conceived within us, a life full of momentum and energy, a life of unfolding love. This life is all gift. We never earn it or deserve it but we must receive it–and not just receive it but cultivate it to consummation.