We live in a world addicted to noise. We use noise as a way to distract us from what really matters. We only have to practice silence once to recognize the depth and distraction of our soul. In their zeal for spiritual guidance, monastic Christians would flood Abba Moses, a wise monk, with many questions. This was often his reply, "Sit in your cell (their sparse living quarters) and your cell will teach you everything." Sitting in silence is the master teacher. It's one of the beautiful ways we open ourselves to grace. "In silence we close off our souls from sounds," wrote Dallas Willard, "whether those sounds be noise, music, or words." Without silence, it's almost impossible to train to hear God, not that you have to be silent to hear God speak. He communicates with us in many ways, but when we're silent, we communicate to God our holy intention: we want to hear you. In silence we train to hear God's quiet and unhurried words.