Our Ancient Foe

To understand temptation we have to probe its source, we have to drive towards the origin point. What we’ve managed to piece together from our Scriptures is a kind of biographical sketch of the one who’s come to be the root of all the temptation we experience along the way of Christ. In a way that we can scarcely understand, this angelic being, once full of light and strength and intelligence, rejected it’s place in God’s order and reached for something beyond its grasp (Ezek 28:17-18). The result was its souring into something dark and weak and confused. On second thought, maybe we can understand it, wasn’t his pattern, ours? The need to go it alone, to separate, to achieve some kind of something on our own. This misplaced significance in the self, this exaltation of the ‘I.’ His fall was like ours. We saw it in the heavens, we saw it in the garden, and we see it in our souls. Our choice to separate from our Creator, the great divorce, is always possible; it doesn’t matter if you’re a human being made in the image of God or an archangel wrapped in power and light.