The Mystery of Pain

Their is a hiddenness, a deep mystery in pain and suffering. Un-swimmable depths. Bottomless wonderings. Un-answerable questions. For me, I wonder why my first son was born so prematurely, why he was only given a handful of days to live, and why it all had to be so hard and desperate and painful. Those whys are buried somewhere inside of me as dull unanswerable aches, sometimes in my chest, sometimes in my shoulders—they never really leave. We all have whys like that. And yet for all the unknowableness of pain and suffering, for all of its obscurity, there are some answers, some places we‘re allowed to visit, some truths—precious and inestimable truths that we can learn, not because we read about them here or there, but because pain and suffering has touched us and taught us—and by God’s grace, we listened.