Spiritual Snares

There is a snare when we move away from our self in mortification. And when we move away from the world in detachment. When moving away from our self we risk rejecting ourselves, the whole self—not just the little “I” or the wounded ego. A healthy death-to-self results in a deeper love and greater care for oneself. It’s a letting go of the chains that make it so difficult to walk in Christlikeness. In the second movement—moving away from the world—we risk a kind of isolation  from God’s creation and His creators. We become blinded by our zeal, rejecting the inherent goodness in things or in people. Instead of learning how to eat a nourishing amount of rich and delicious food, we deny them. Instead of learning to exercise our sexual desire with our spouse in wonderfully self-giving and pleasurable ways, we limit ourselves emotionally and distance ourselves physically. Deeper union with God always means deeper union with others and His creation. Love is only fully realized when it’s shared.