Becoming Like Christ

We must not let ourselves think for a second that becoming like Christ or loving like God loves is something that happens when we become a Christian. If we do, the long hard road of hypocrisy and despair awaits. Flourishing, becoming like Christ, is something that happens over a long, frustrating, rewarding, painful, and glorious period of time. Christlike character is only something we can grow towards. It’s not something we attain in an instant or something God pours in our lap. We don’t get it, we grow into it. Perhaps this was one of the mistakes of Adam and Eve in the garden. They wanted the character to discern between good and evil, they wanted Christlikeness in an instant, they wanted to be like their Creator now. By eating the forbidden fruit, they rejected the long view, they vetoed the life-long process of acquiring that character. The day-by-day life with God that enables it.