Deepen or Derail

How we choose to respond to pain and suffering, in all it’s varying degrees, will inevitably do one of two things: deepen or derail our formation into Christlikeness. What do we do with a tragic accident, spreading arthritis around our joints, a relationship that refuses to mend, a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, or the loss of a child? It’s an inescapable truth, how we respond to affliction will significantly shape the person we become. What we learn as we walk with Jesus is the skill of turning hardships into holiness. The wisest Christian writers have said it’s possible—affliction can be so much more than misfortune, it can be deep transformation. For not one drop of suffering or pain can derail our journey with Jesus—in fact, it’s just the opposite—all of those shadowed valleys and billowed seas can be catalysts to deeper degrees of humility—nudging us closer to that one great hope in our heart: to love like God loves.