In scripture when God calls, He exiles. Abraham was exiled from his homeland and thrust into a journey with God. Moses was exiled from Egypt and shaped in the Midian country side. Israel was exiled from Jerusalem and taught to be God's people in a foreign land. Paul was exiled to Arabia where he was prepared for his Mediterranean work. Even Jesus, experienced a forty day exile in the wilderness, a testing time, a strengthening time, a soul growing time. Exile is one of the ways God shapes our souls. It’s where we learn abandonment of the anti-trinity inside of us, so that we may acquire the divine nature of the Trinity. John Climacus, is helpful, "Exile is a disciplined heart...a hidden life, the longing for what is divine." Exile is a holy fire. It's a separation from everything that clings to us, in order that we may cling totally to God.

Jonathan R. Bailey