Anguish & Pain

If we’ll only see those worn out stories again: like Abraham and Issac—the one where God commanded Abraham to kill his promised son. What anguish must have rattled around in his chest during that mountainous ascent. Can you see the hot tears falling on Issac’s hair as Abraham wraps him in his love one last time? Or what about the strange fear and confusion rising in Isaac’s heart. Or look at God grappling with Jacob under the night sky? Tearing and clawing at each other—hours of stinging pain—and right when Jacob got the “upper-hand,” God tapped his hip, disconnecting bone, leaving Jacob a crippled man the rest of his life. Why the anguish and pain God? Why? Perhaps what we learn from these two stories, and countless others like it in Scripture, is that God is not some ruffian in the sky, inflicting pain and anguish on whoever he can get His divine hands on—but rather He’s a tenacious and untiring Father who will use every possible method to break our self-will and reclaim us and remake us.

Jonathan R. BaileyPain