The Shape of a Wilting Soul

Pride is what our desire to be like our Creator looks like in a deeply disordered way. "The Christians are right," observed C.S. Lewis, "it is pride which has been the chief cause of misery in every nation and every family since the world began.” Pride is a stinking, filthy, puny thing compared to the richness and overflowing life of it's counterpart, humility. Pride’s highest ambition is to be superior – to dominate another. This will to dominate, is manifested in both colossal and minuscule ways. Warlords and dictators dominate others through violence and blunt force. Homemakers and co-workers seek to dominate others through gossip, one-ups-manship, and "white" lies. These manifestations are radically different in scale, yet they all come from a single solitary source: pride. Pride is the great enemy of love because it wants to be separate and superior. Love wants to be united in community and will have nothing to do with isolation and rivalry. Pride is the shape of a wilting soul, and the breeding-ground of all the other vices that erode the image of God inside of us.

Jonathan R. BaileyPride