Vainglory is what our desire for recognition and approval looks like in a disordered state. “Lighthouses,” wrote D.L. Moody, “do not ring bells and fire cannons to call attention to their shining—they just shine.” When our desire to be recognized and approved of is twisted into vainglory we become obsessed with our image, continuously ringing bells and firing canons. We aim to impress, craving an elevated status, reputation or distinction—not because we seek to be whole or good but because we crave celebrity. Vainglory means that we're actually empty of glory. Say it another way, we’re void of genuine goodness. Authentic glory is always good. People recognize and approve of it instinctively because of its inherent power, strength, beauty, truth, and goodness. Vainglory is the enemy of love because it rejects the good that Love offers. It's content to be hollow as long as it can be “praised.”

Jonathan R. BaileyVainglory