An Infinite Range of Possibilities

Our world and our lives have an infinite range of possibilities for becoming something remarkably splendid and Christlike or something sad, self-interested; a hellish kind of thing. So much of this possibility hinges on how we learn to respond to affliction—will we be delivered or disfigured, deepened or derailed? Regardless of why affliction or grief has walked over our lives—and this is what I want us to see so badly—there is a bright and blazing life that God wants to grow inside of us. But in order for that to happen, we must endure, from time to time, moments of bitterness and brokenness and despair. “If you are His companion with Him in pain.” wrote Thomas a Kempis, “you will be His companion in glory.” It’s affliction, mysteriously, that is producing glory inside of us.

Jonathan R. BaileyAffliction