Becoming Beautiful

What God saw in His creative act was tov. It was good or beautiful: the light, the earth, the seas, the seeds-and-trees, the sun-and-stars, the animals were all beautiful. What He created last, on the sixth day, the morning of our creation, was not tov but tov meod, “very beautiful.” Why the superlative? Because in humanity we see something profoundly beautiful—God’s own image made visible. It’s one of those truly staggering facts of human life, something of God’s own goodness is inside of us. It is His image within that offers us the capacity for profound beauty. It’s what we were fashioned for, from the very beginning, to image Him to the world, to be beautiful. Our call now is to continue wrapping our life as tightly as we can around His, enabling Beauty to work a great miracle in our hearts. Yes, we must continue the journey—this inward odyssey—we must follow His call to come and share in the infinite riches of His own being, which, wonder-of-wonders, enables our infinite becoming.

Jonathan R. Bailey