The Rise of the Children of God

If we look closely at our lives, we can see that there are no insignificant choices, each one adds or subtracts. Each one is a stone. And we’re either building for ourselves a palace or a dungeon. A palace of enduring goodness or a dungeon of everlasting darkness. A palace of light and love or a dungeon of blindness and self-concern. How do we raise the palace? We build it by working with the Spirit to practice mortification, accepting affliction, and stewarding temptation. As we do these things in cooperation with God, we’ll begin to sense a remarkable power, something we really didn’t think was possible, an increase of goodness—not just the longing to do good but the power to be good. This surge is a kind of inauguration, a beginning, the first fruits of redeemed humanity, tastes and traces of resurrection, the rise of the children of God.

Jonathan R. BaileyGoodness