Resurrected Desire

A habit is a settled or regular tendency of mind or body that happens automatically. The old writers tell us that when a habit nourishes love, it’s virtuous; and when it spoils love, it’s vicious or a vice. If we're going to make love a habit, then we're going to have to work with the Spirit to crucify our desires, which is another way of saying realign them—or as classical Christianity teaches, order our desires rightly, making God the ultimate good at the center of our lives. Take Christ’s resurrected body, for example, it was stronger and brighter and more majestic after His execution. In the same way, our desires—and the whole person with them—will become stronger, and brighter and more majestic too. The aim of a life lived inside the Christ-pattern is to resurrect desire into virtue, that is, free it, ennoble it, infuse it with divine love, fitting it for an everlasting kingdom.

Jonathan R. BaileyVirtue, Desire