Refusing the Gift of a Day

“If I wanted to,” explains Kathleen Norris “I could live just barely, refusing the gift of each day.” Sloth rejects the gift of a day, it’s a laziness of love. This sinful pattern refuses to exert the physical and emotional effort we are capable of. It’s what our desire to create and produce looks like in a disordered state. It's a restless boredom, a listlessness of soul, it’s not about bodily pleasure, like Gluttony or Lust, but about bodily weariness. Sloth begs to do less than what love demands, not just in our work, not just in our commitment to others, but also our commitment to Christ. This perverted way of loving seeks its own comfort over the goodness of others. When it comes down to it, Sloth is not just the refusal to care deeply about the work we’re creating, it’s the refusal to care deeply about the life we’re creating.

Jonathan R. Bailey