To Love Like God

St. Thomas Aquinas taught that goodness is primarily interested in the question: how well does something or someone perfect its purpose? Does it deliver on its design? Does it know its reason for being? And can it achieve it? When I need tomato slices I pull out an old paring knife. I press hard on the dull blade and instead of getting neat slices, I get tomato juice on my shoes. This is not a good knife. It’s not fulfilling its purpose. For a knife to be good, it must be sharp. So a thing is good  to the degree that it perfects the powers appropriate to its nature. The power of the knife is its edge. The power of an artery is its openness. The power of a friendship is its loyalty. And the power of the human person is to make the divine goodness visible. We exist, now and forever, to love God and love like God. That’s what a human being is built for, growing in Love—forever.

Jonathan R. BaileyGoodness