Furious Love

A Prayer for cleansing:


O Lord, on the day you entered the Temple, you did not smell the sweet fragrance of holy effort but the stench of unholy earning. You did not burn against the buying-and-selling of goods but the buying-and-selling of God. And in your furious love, you made a weapon, a whip suited for the task. And taking your stand in the center of the Temple—you cleansed it. You drove out every animal and scattered every profiteer. You purged, restored, and renewed it.

O Lord, make a weapon for my soul—fashion it in your furious love. Take your stand in the center of my being and cleanse me. Burn against my self-interest, scatter my self-deception, purge every self-obsessed desire, and drive out every vice that perverts my love for you and others. Purge my soul, purify my heart, and renew my body. O Lord, cleanse this temple.