When our desire for recognition and approval is ordered rightly, it’s transformed away from vainglory toward magnanimity “MAG-NAH-NIM-UH-TEE”. Magnanimity is the virtue that showcases the genuine goodness inside us, writes Rebecca K. DeYoung. The magnanimous person understands they’re thoroughly known and unconditionally accepted by God. They have a deep peace about who they are and who they are becoming. They know the glory inside their body is not theirs—it’s Gods. It’s His virtue filling and freeing them. A magnanimous person is magnetic. They draw people to themselves. Not for their glory, but because of it. When we’re with them, they enlarge our world, open us up, affirm us. Like a seasoned writer, they show instead of tell. They give us a taste of their deepest spirit without a trace of competition or rivalry. They have nothing to protect, nothing to promote. They simply have this fantastic ability to make us want to become more without making us feel less. The word magnanimity, explains DeYoung is derived from the Latin words magna and anima, which literally means “greatness of heart” or being “great-souled.” It’s ironic, these great-souls are worthy of recognition and approval but they don’t seek it, that’s the least thing they're interested in. What they're interested in is deepening their capacity for goodness,  and helping others do the same.