The Generous Heart

When our desire for security and freedom is ordered rightly, it is transformed away from greed toward generosity. Generosity is a settled confidence in God and His kingdom, in other words, our security and freedom are found in God first (Matt 6:33). We’re so secure and free in Him, that our money and possessions can be held loosely, used wisely, and given readily. The generous heart, working with vigilance and diligence, has learned to steward their resources carefully, productively and fruitfully. Of course, being generous doesn’t mean we give all our money and possessions away. Training with Christ is rarely that simplistic, the real challenge is not to abandon what we have, but steward it. As we do, we’ll notice a refreshing joy in giving. It will become one of our favorite ways of expressing love—creating a full and Christlike freedom, the kind that can possess anything without being possessed by it.