The Anguish and the Glory

The agony of new life, the promise and preciousness of a child is always preceded with pain. The anguish and the glory of that moment somehow go together. There's a parallel here for our inward odyssey. Christ has given us the hope of a bright and blazing life, the life He wants to grow up inside us. But in order for that to happen, we must endure moments of bitterness and brokenness and despair. “If you are His companion with Him in pain.” wrote Thomas a Kempis, “you will be His companion in glory.” As we learn to yield to anguish, our dark and cramped world can expand into something bright and wide—something new, staggering, and hopeful. Yes, when we finally yield, we’ll find that we take every avenue to gain more of His divine life—even the Via Dolorosa.