Conformed to Christ

Thomas Merton told us that, “We cannot know truth unless we ourselves are conformed to it.” And this, for me, is pivotal. If we are going to know truth—Jesus Christ—we must be conformed to Him. Something is true when there is conformity between subject and source, that is, there is a likeness or congruence between them. A carpenter knows this. He finds out if his wall (subject) is true or not by using a level (source). If the straight-edge and wall correspond, there is truth, and he continues building. If not, the wall is false—and he must make a choice: continue with the lie, so to speak, or try again. To try again, he wrenches a reasonable amount of wood and nail from the frame until he finds the culprit. But let’s say he doesn’t try again, let’s say he continues with the lie—then the entire structure will go from bad to worse to warped. The more he builds the more bent it becomes.

Jonathan R. BaileyTruth