The Lost Likeness

We are designed in the image of God and therefore meant to reflect His likeness, like a melody reflects its maker or a son reflects his father. Somehow, someway, we bear His mark inside our body. Adam and Eve lost track of that and the story of the human race has been the ongoing desecration of that image, which has resulted in our lost likeness. It is this dead and desecrated image that must be awakened and in a sense come alive again. No matter how marred or hidden that image has become it can still be reached by God. It sits inside each one of us like some kind of primordial homing device, signaling to the soul, calling us back to our true selves, drawing us to the God who designed us. Indeed the entire odyssey of the spiritual life is a progressive restoration of that divine image within, so that it naturally and easily mirrors the likeness of God. This more than any other thing is what Jesus modeled. Here was a man overflowing with God and a God full of humanity. No one had ever experienced it, no one had ever imagined it, and yet there He was. A living, breathing God – growing up in the Judean countryside, living a magnetic life, a life that we’ve not been able to recover from, a life that longs to transform everyone it comes in contact with.