Nothing is more attractive than someone free from self-consciousness
The puzzling truth about a painless life is that it leads to destruction
Salvation requires struggle
Our faith is deepened by doubt

February 2023

It’s only when we venture into inhuman landscapes, that we find the terrain for becoming human.
When self-imposed checks spring from love, they feed love.
Temptation, wisely used, can actually make us stronger.
Our fears about past confessions are the pure temptation of the devil.
God’s love woos and weans, pulls and pushes, draws and drives.

January 2023

Meekness is not a deficiency of strength, it’s a disguised and abundant kind.
Sometimes you want to talk to your son, and sometimes you want to hold him tight in silence.
The Illuminative way is the season of outward vitality, growth, and transformation.